HUM 201 E

1.      Explain the law of diminishing returns along with its modern version. Discuss that this law is a universal law.                                                                                                    [BT-3/D08]
2.      Describe the term Price discrimination. When is it (a) possible, and (b) profitable?
3.      Explain the various Cost Concepts. Discuss why the average Cost Curve U-shaped is.                                                                                                                                               [BT-4/JX]
4.      Discuss the difference between monopoly and perfect competition.             [BT-4/JX]
5.      Differentiate between the long term equilibrium of a monopolist and perfectly competitive firm. Will the monopolist always charge a higher price than perfectly competitive firm? Justify your answer giving reasons.                                       [BT-3/D09]
6.      Discuss the law of Variable proportions. Where does it apply? What are its limitations?                                                                                                                                               [BT-3/D09]
7.      Explain the following:                                                                                                    [BT-3/D07]
8.      Types of Production function.
9.      Why is Short Run Average Cost (SAC) curve a U-shaped curve?
10.  Industrial Economics.
11.  Relation between AC and MC.
12.  Define Monopoly. How price and output are determined under it both in short run and long run?                                                                                                                           [BT-3/D07]
13.  What are Isoquants? Use Isoquants and Isocost curves to show how a producer minimizes his cost of production for a given output. Show how a producer maximizes his output subject to a cost constraint.                                                                    [BT-3/DX]
14.  Discuss the relation between Average and Marginal cost with the help of assumed data. Is marginal cost always U-shaped? Explain giving reason.                     [BT-3/DX]
15.  Explain the law of Variable Proportion. Why does it apply?                            [BT-3/D06]
16.  Explain:
·         Total Cost
·         Marginal Cost
·         Opportunity Cost
·         Average Cost
With the help of table and diagram.                                                                       [BT-3/D06]
17.  “Is Management a Science or an Art?” Discuss this in view of changing business environment.                                                                                                                 [BT-3/DX]
18.  Describe the various functions of Management. Are these functions interrelated if Yes, how?                                                                                                                                 [BT-3/DX]
19.  Define Management. Explain its characteristics.                                               [BT-4/D07]
20.  Is Management an Art, Science or a Profession? Discuss.                              [BT-4/D07]
21.  Discuss the importance of Management in the present-day world.            [BT-3/D08]
22.  Define Management. Discuss the principles of management in detail.      [BT-3/D08]
23.  Explain the main functions of management and discuss the nature of management.           [BT-4/JX]
24.  Explain the various concepts regarding the difference between “Management and Administration”.                                                                                                          [BT-4/JX]
25.  Explain the principal contribution of H, Fayol to the development of management thoughts.                                                                                                                        [BT-3/D09]
26.  Discuss the Human relations approach of management. Why is it gaining increasing importance in view of the globalization and liberalization?                         [BT-3/D09]
27.  Discuss the characteristics of a profession. Is management a profession? Discuss in detail.                                                                                                                             [BT-4/J08]
28.  Describe, in detail, the principles of management propagated by Henry Fayol.  
29.  Describe the basic steps in the Planning process. How and why each is important?   [BT-3/D08]
30.   “Organization is an important tool to achieve organizational objectives.”   Comment.                                                                                                                     [BT-3/D08]
31.  Discuss the steps in the process of organizing.                                                   [BT-4/JX]
32.  What is policy? Give its characteristics and evaluate it.                                  [BT-4/JX]
33.  “Organizations’ that fail to plan are planning to fail.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain giving reasons.                                                                                                              [BT-3/D09]
34.  Describe the following:-                                                                                            [BT-4/J08]
35.  Planning premises/features.
36.  Centralization and decentralization.
37.  Explain the meaning of planning. What is the difference between planning policy and strategy?                                                                                                                           [BT-4/J08]
38.  Why is Planning important? Differentiate between Planning Policy and Strategy. Explain the steps in planning.                                                                                    [BT-3/DX]
39.  Explain Centralization with the help of hierarchy of organization. Analyze the merits and demerits of centralization.                                                                                 [BT-3/DX]
40.  “Delegation provides the mean whereby a manager multiplies himself”. Comment    [BT-3/S09]
41.  Distinguish between:                                                                                                   [BT-3/D06]
42.  Authority and Responsibility.
43.  Centralization and Decentralization.
44.  Explain the following:                                                                                                 [BT-3/D07]
·         Planning Premises
·         Steps in Planning
45.  Critically examine the different styles of Leadership.                                     [BT-3/D08]
46.  “Planning is looking ahead and Control is looking back.”                              [BT-3/D08]
47.  Describe the term Selection. What are the necessary steps involved in the selection of employees? Explain.                                                                                                  [BT-4/JX]
48.  Define Communication. Explain the barriers to effective communication. Suggest measures to overcome these barriers.                                                                [BT-4/JX]
49.  Examine in detail, the procedure of selection usually adopted in industries. [BT-4/J08]
50.  Discuss the following:                                                                                              [BT-4/J08]
51.  Communication process and barriers.
52.  Control process and steps involved in controlling.
53.  Explain the communication process with a suitable model. What are the main barriers to communication? Discuss.                                                                                   [BT-3/D06]
54.  Explain Control Process. What are main steps in controlling? Explain.   [BT-3/D06]
55.  “Good communication is the foundation of sound management”-Comment. What are the barriers to effective communication?                                                          [BT-3/D09]
56.  Which leadership style according to you is the best and why?                  [BT-3/D09]
57.  What is Staffing? Explain the procedure involved in selection of a candidate.
58.  What are the different types of Organizational control? Mention the advantages of using budget as a control.                                                                                        [BT-3/DX]


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