College is the best place to make your career brighter that I believe because I make it, but more that you need skills, strategies, planning, thinking are play very important role.
Many students they spoiled their life by not working hard and not studying in the college.

In this article I will share with you some tips those I used to make it happen for me, let me share with you an interesting story.

Please read carefully what I am going to share with you from the next line this is a real story.

A student got admission in engineering college in mechanical engineering department, in that time he did not know about even how to start computer but he did believe that hard work will give him everything what he wants to become in life.

Many students laugh on him because of his hard work and in the end result is not that much good as he works.

But he did not mind about that he got result of very first semester and he got 3 supplies and then few months later he got result of 2nd semester and once again he got 2 supplies.

Then he started thinking why he is getting supplies although he knows about all concept.

The main problem with hand writing and way of presentation on your answer sheet nothing special else.

Then He has changed from thinking then after he becomes continuously 5 times branch topper and also become college topper and also got position in the university.

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I mean think about it what you want to do in your life. It’s a gift every second is important why

I am telling you every second is important, let me give an example for this-
·         Only a pregnant mother understands the value of a month!
·         Only a person who is booking train ticket can understand the value of one week!!
·         Only a person who is working in daily rate can understand the value of one day!!!
·         Only a person who is waiting for her wife flight can understand the value of one hour!!!!
·         Only a person who is giving examination can understand the value of one minute!!!!
·         Only a person who has just missed the bus can understand the value of one second!!!!!

Here I am going to give you list of some tips for studying in smarter way in college-
·     Set Target- After getting admission in college first set your target what you want to do after completing college.
Utilize every resources- Your College must have many resources utilize all resources properly.
Consult problems with your professors.
Talk to yourself.
Don't waste time.
Relate every topic with your real life, like why you are studying that particular subject, topic etc.
Understand your weak points and strong point then improve your weak points.
Read magazines for better present yourself on your answer sheet.
·         Improve your hand writing.
·         Try to get positive think from negative things.
·         Learn from every mistakes.
·         Don't stop learning.
·         Make your own rule for studying.
·         Make a schedule for preparation.
·         Write from yourself on your answer sheet.
·         Don't let go chance to come on the stage in your class room.
·         Give presentation in your college.
·         Don't miss to participate in any your interesting events in your college.
·         Use internet for better knowledge.
·         Use sites like,, NPTEL.
·         Read your choice news every day for up to date with the world!!!!
·         Don't be lazy to do anything.
·         Enjoy every moment of your life!!!!!

Hopefully these tips will work for you, if you have any type of question then feel free to give comments.

Best of Luck!


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