Boiler Mounting - Steam Stop Valve


Function: The function of the steam stop valve is to regulate the flow of steam from one steam pipe to the other or from the boiler to the steam pipe. The steam stop valve when directly mounted on the steam space of the boiler shell & connected to the steam pipeline which supplies steam to the prime mover is called a junction valve.

Working: When the hand wheel is turned in anticlockwise direction, the spindle is raised up. This will raise the valve from its seat. Thus a passage for the steam from the clearance between the valve and the valve seat is formed. In order to lower the valve, the hand wheel is rotated in clockwise direction. This rotation will close the passage for steam. Adjusting the position of the valve based on the requirements can regulate this. Under the normal working condition, the valve is open and the steam flows from the boiler to the steam pipe.

Image - Steam Stop Valve

Figure - Steam Stop Valve