·                     Fabrication of four wheel steering system
·                     Shock Absorber Test rig using Cam and sensors
·                     Fabrication of turbo super charger for two wheeler
·                     Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
·                     An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID Technology
·                     Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
·                     Fabrication of Foldable Electric Go Bed Drive
·                     SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
·                     The development of intelligent home security robot
·                     Automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car
·                     Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
·                     Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler
·                     Efficiency Increasing System in Automobile by using preheating method
·                     A robot system for fire-fighting in tunnels
·                     Remote controlled material handling equipment
·                     Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
·                     Fabrication of Automatic hand break Release
·                     Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack for Four Wheeler
·                     Automatic reserve indication system
·                     D & F of Triangular air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
·                     Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler
·                     SMS based automatic two wheeler locking system
·                     Fabrication of queries controlling system for two wheeler
·                     Fabrication of man less defense
·                     GPS based vehicle root tracking system
·                     Fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
·                     Design and development of voice / Tele operated intelligent mobile robot
·                     Fabrication of Automatic head lamp alignment system with Dim/Bright Controller
·                     Automatic sensor based wall painting robot
·                     Remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle
·                     GPS based automatic vehicle accident information system
·                     Automatic Differential Unit locking system for Automobile
·                     Remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair
·                     Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
·                     Smart shock absorber for automobile
·                     SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
·                     Fabrication of Adaptive breaking system
·                     Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
·                     Fabrication of Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone
·                     GSM based two wheeler security system
·                     Fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
·                     Automatic Break Failure indicator and Engine Over Heating Alarm
·                     Two Wheeler Automation with security System
·                     Combined hydraulic and disk break
·                     Vehicle Accident identifier with SMS informer
·                     Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
·                     Remote controlled air craft (Flying Model)
·                     Automatic Pneumatic welding Robot
·                     Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler
·                     Remote operated weapon system
·                     Fabrication of Sub-Marine (Model)
·                     Automatic Scrap collecting Vehicle
·                     Fabrication of Gear Level Indicator for Automobile
·                     Automatic Vehicle Over speed Controlling System
·                     Fabrication turbo charger for two wheeler
·                     Video analyzing remote controlled vacuum cleaner
·                     Fabrication of Electro-Magnetic braking System For Automobile
·                     Fabrication of Go Ped Drive
·                     Fabrication of Foldable two wheeler
·                     Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler (IBS)
·                     Emergency Braking System in Four Wheeler (EBS)
·                     Anti-Lock Braking System In Four wheeler (ABS)
·                     Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
·                     Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System By using Ultrasonic Waves
·                     Fabrication of Automatic steering control system for automobile
·                     Fabrication of Multi-Engine compressor
·                     Computer controlled wireless robot with wireless Camera
·                     Fabrication of Solar Race Car
·                     Fabrication of Multi Nut (Wheel) Tightner
·                     Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation in Four Wheeler
·                     Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
·                     Aero plane Controlling System (Flying Model)
·                     Fabrication of Hydraulic Break show riveting Machine
·                     Automatic Vehicle Accident prevention system
·                     Digital locking (Fuel, ignition, side lock) system (Password) for Two wheeler
·                     Efficiency increasing system in automobile
·                     Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
·                     Digital locking system for material handling vehicle
·                     Fabrication of hydraulic screw jack
·                     Intelligent Way Searching Pick and Place Robot
·                     Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
·                     Fabrication of Path finding Vehicle
·                     Cell phone controlled pick and place robot
·                     Remote controlled Pick and Place video analyzing robot
·                     Fabrication of Fuel Injector testing equipment
·                     Fabrication of Catelite converter for Automobile
·                     Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Car
·                     Fabrication of Fully Automated Intelligent Vehicle (Car Model)
·                     Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle
·                     Sand Collecting Vehicle
·                     Fabrication of Kids Car
·                     Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
·                     Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine
·                     Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle
·                     Fabrication of Intelligent Motorized Hydraulic Jack
·                     SMS controlled moving vehicle for industrial application
·                     Voice Controlled Material handling vehicle
·                     Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
·                     Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
·                     Automatic material handling Fire Fighting Robot


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